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11 Best Antibacterial Body Washes in 2023

Jun 10, 2023

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Sometimes a regular body wash that merely cleanses the skin of dirt and grime just won't cut it. If you’re suffering from bad body odor or body acne, an excess of bacteria on your skin could be the cause. If this is the case, then you may benefit from using an antibacterial body wash to help you combat these problems, starting right from the shower.

If you’ve never used an antibacterial body wash before, you might not know where to start when deciding on the right product for you. Luckily, we are here to help. We’ve done all the heavy lifting and have compiled a list of the 11 best antibacterial body washes to help you target your skin concerns and have the healthiest skin of your life.

Coming in at number one on our list of the best antibacterial body washes is the Blu Atlas body wash. This body wash is tough on bacteria but gentle on the skin thanks to its clean formula that has been created with 99% naturally derived ingredients. Infused with aloe vera, green tea, and sugar cane, this body wash isn't drying and will instead help to lock in moisture for smoother, softer, and better-looking skin. It is vegan and cruelty-free, so you can be confident that the conditions that this body wash were made under were ethical and fair. While this was created as a men's product, it is gentle enough that it can be used by the whole family. The best part is that Blu Atlas offers a money-back guarantee, giving you no reason not to buy this product.

The Antifungal Antibacterial Therapeutic Soap All Over Body Wash from Derma-nu is a great choice of body wash if you are dealing with body acne. The formula contains tea tree oil, a natural ingredient that is widely regarded for its antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Helping to target any bacteria or fungal growth on your skin, this wash will banish any spots and help your skin to heal as quickly as possible. It is so powerful it can even be used on the feet to help fight the bacteria that causes athlete's foot! Plus, this is an organic product, so you can be confident that it is free from all unnecessary chemicals and irritants that can do more harm to your skin than good. If you’re looking for a natural product that gives you just as good of a result as a product made with chemicals, look no further than this body wash.

If you don't currently have a Dove product in your household, chances are you have used something from the brand in the past. As one of the biggest health and beauty brands in the world, it will come as no surprise that Dove also makes one of the best antibacterial body washes. This body wash eliminates 99% of bacteria from your skin, leaving it as clean and clear as possible. To ensure your skin doesn't become too dry with frequent use of this product, it also features the brand's signature moisture-renew blend to help provide and seal hydration into your skin. The best part is that Dove products are super affordable and are widely available, making this a great choice for just about everyone. Be sure to keep an eye out for this body wash next time you are at the drug or grocery store.

Another great antibacterial body wash comes from Vita Vie, who have created a clean and simple formula that works extremely well. It uses ingredients such as benzalkonium chloride, tea tree oil, witch hazel, and willow bark extract to fight the bacteria and fungus that can grow on the skin. It deeply cleanses the surface of the skin without being too drying, as it is free from any harsh chemicals. This makes it a great option for the whole family to use, as it is gentle enough that it won't irritate your children's skin. It promises to kill 99% of germs and bacteria, leaving you with clean and clear skin. Reviewers have commented that they also love to use this body wash as a hand soap, as it does such a good job of eliminating bacteria from the skin without causing dryness. You can find this body wash in all good retail, drug, and grocery stores.

If you’re struggling with particularly bad body acne, Remedy Soap has got you covered with their Tea Tree And Peppermint Body Wash. This potent formula uses tea tree oil to eliminate bacteria and clean out pores, helping you to rid your skin of acne and develop clean and clear skin. Rosemary oil and peppermint oil have also been included to help soothe any itchy or inflamed skin that may have been caused by bacteria. This formula is packed with skin-friendly ingredients, including jojoba oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, and olive oil to moisturize the skin and provide a pleasant fragrance that isn't too overwhelming. This product is also a great option if you have sensitive skin, as it has been formulated without parabens or harsh chemicals, and is instead made with organic and skin-friendly ingredients.

Dettol is famous around the world for its antibacterial cleaning products, so it makes sense that the brand has also developed a product that can be used to target bacteria and germs on the skin. Using the signature Dettol formula, this body wash will eliminate bacteria from your skin, killing off bad odors and leaving you smelling fresh for hours. This wash is a fairly strong formula, so it might not be suitable for everyone. If you have sensitive or easily irritated skin, make sure to do a patch test before using this wash, as some can find the key ingredient of parachlorometaxylenol to be harsh on their skin. However, for those that can use this body wash, you will be amazed at how refreshed and clean it will make your skin feel.

Don't let your hyper-sensitive skin stop you from finding an effective antibacterial body wash. This Defense shower gel has been formulated specifically with sensitive skin in mind to help cleanse the body of bacteria without causing an allergic reaction or irritated skin. Tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil are the star ingredients in this formula as they work together to not only kill bacteria but also stop fungal growth. This product works into a rich, creamy lather, and also contains a multitude of moisturizing ingredients to help you maintain your skin's balance. Aloe vera, jojoba, and olive oils are just some of the additions that Defense has made to this formula to make sure that your skin stays soft and hydrated. It is free from all potential irritants such as parabens, synthetic fragrances, and sulfates to ensure that even those with the most delicate skin don't have to miss out on a quality body wash.

Dr. Lift Antibacterial Body Wash is another one of our favorite body washes to use when we are looking to rid our skin of bacteria. This no-nonsense formula is also great for those who are struggling with excessive body odor, as it swiftly eliminates bacteria and odor from the source. You will be smelling shower-fresh all day long thanks to this body wash, and all it takes is just one use a day. This wash is also great for your general skin health, as it contains nourishing ingredients such as lavender, apple, chamomile, and calendula to soothe and calm tired skin, providing a deep level of hydration that will make the skin more resilient to damage in the long term. There is not much of a fragrance in this body wash, so if you’re someone that gets overwhelmed by strong-smelling products easily, this could be the one for you.

Are you looking for a body wash to specifically target body odor? The Perspi-Guard Odour Control Body Wash has got you covered. This body wash doesn't make you smell good by simply providing a nice fragrance, it eliminates bad odor at its very core by targeting the bacteria on your skin that is causing the smell. It uses triclosan as its antibacterial agent as it is one of the most powerful and clinically-proven ingredients to kill off body odor once and for all. It is unscented and gentle enough that it can be used on the most delicate parts of the body, including the groin.

If you’re wanting a product that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized after every use, give this Dial Coconut Water Hydrating Body Wash a try. This body wash kills bacteria at the source by using Dial's signature patented HYDRACLEAN complex. This is one of the more luxurious washes on our list, as it works into a very creamy lather and is lightly scented with coconut. The best part is that it has been dermatologically tested, so you can be confident that it will deliver results.

Last, but by no means least on our list of the best antibacterial body washes is the Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar. Unlike the other entries on this list, this product comes in a solid bar form. We love this style of the product as you can work up an extremely rich lather and get the product onto just about every inch of your skin. As it has been made by a skincare brand, this body wash doesn't just kill bacteria but also contains nourishing ingredients to leave your skin hydrated and healthy.

Here are some of our best tips to ensure you get the most out of your antibacterial body wash

As you should with any new products that you are applying onto your skin, you must always do a patch test before applying it to your whole body. This is especially important before using an antibacterial body wash, as the nature of these products means you are likely going to be using ingredients you have never used before, and you need to figure out whether or not they might cause a reaction on your skin. Doing a patch test on a small area of skin means that if you do react, it will be limited to a very small area of your body, rather than all of your skin. The best way to do a patch test is to pick somewhere easy to treat should something go wrong. We recommend the inside of your wrist as the best place.

You might be thinking that the longer you leave a product on, the more chance it has to work. However, you should not do this with an antibacterial body wash, it should not be left on your body for any longer than two minutes. Leaving it on for longer will start to strip your skin of the natural oils and moisturizers that your skin produces. This will leave you with dry and painful skin that will feel tight and sore when you get out of the shower.

If you opt for an antibacterial body wash that comes in a solid bar form, you need to make sure that you are the only one using it. Sharing a soap bar with other people means you could be exposing your skin to germs and even more types of bacteria, which is unhygienic and counterintuitive to the antibacterial process. Make sure you store and label your soap in a way that other members of your household won't accidentally use it. If you have young children, opting for a body wash that comes in a packaged liquid form might be the better option, as there is less room for cross-contamination from other people.

The most important step when using an antibacterial body wash is making sure that you wash it off completely. If you have any residual wash on your skin, it could cause some serious dryness, which could then turn into itchy, flaky, and inflamed skin. No one wants to deal with this, and it can be easily avoided by making sure you give yourself a good rinse off after using your body wash.

A body wash is a soap-based formula that works by combining with water to cleanse and clean the skin of any dirt or grime that may have built up throughout the day.

The key difference is that while an antibacterial body wash also clears away dirt and grime, it also contains additional ingredients that are specifically formulated to target and destroy bacteria and build-up. Bacteria can be resistant to regular soaps, which is why specific formulas are needed to truly rid the skin of it.

As these antibacterial products can often be quite harsh to achieve their mission, they often also contain extra hydrating and soothing ingredients to balance the formula out and ensure they don't dry out the skin. Additionally, part of the antibacterial properties of the product is that it won't clog your pores, so it will likely contain non-comedogenic ingredients to ensure your pores stay clear and unclogged.

There are several instances when you might benefit from the use of an antibacterial body wash.

The first is if you are suffering with particularly bad body odor. Contrary to popular belief, BO is not just caused by sweat – in fact, sweat is an odorless substance. Body odor happens when sweat is released onto the skin and the bacteria found on the skin's surface start to break down the protein molecules in the sweat, which in turn creates an acid that gives off the familiar smell. This means that if you’re someone who has excess or an overgrowth of bacteria on your skin for whatever reason, you likely will be producing an unpleasant body odor. Using an antibacterial body wash regularly will help to kill off this bacteria, decreasing the amount of odor you’re producing, and leaving you feeling more confident.

Another case where you might benefit from the use of an antibacterial body wash is if you suffer from acne on your body. This can appear anywhere but is most common on the chest, shoulders, and back.

Two types of body acne will respond well to antibacterial products; fungal acne and regular acne. Regular acne is caused when pores become clogged with all manner of substances, including bacteria. This bacteria then causes the pore to become inflamed, and pimples start to form. This can happen anywhere on the body and is quite a common affliction. Using an antibacterial body wash in the shower will remove the bacteria from your skin, decreasing the chances of body acne from forming and giving existing spots the chance to heal properly. Fungal acne may also benefit from the use of an antibacterial body wash. While this type of acne might be caused by a fungal infection within the skin, many antibacterial body washes also contain antifungal treatments, giving your skin the best chance to fight off this type of infection.

Finally, if you’ve gone a few days without washing yourself properly, perhaps you’ve been traveling long distances or have spent the past few days hiking, it is a good idea to use an antibacterial body wash. This is because extended periods of not washing your skin allow for bacteria to thrive in an unthreatened environment. Using a body wash designed to rid your skin of excess bacteria is a good way to ensure that you won't be met with skin issues further down the track.

When shopping for an antibacterial body wash, make sure you are looking for labels on the packaging that specifically state the product will kill bacteria. The packaging will likely also advertise what type of antibacterial ingredient is included in the formula, however, you might find this confusing as many different potential ingredients could be used to fight bacteria.

Here are some of the most common and effective antibacterial ingredients to look out for when choosing a body wash.

How often you use an antibacterial body wash is entirely dependent on why you are using it.

If you are needing a one-off to cleanse after a long bout of not washing your skin properly, then using the antibacterial body wash just once will suffice.

However, if you are using it to combat body odor or body acne, then you will need to use it consistently to see proper results. Consistent use can be anything from once or twice a week, up to once a day. It just depends on what you think will work the best for you and your skin. We recommend not using an antibacterial body wash more than once a day, as it can be quite drying, and you don't want to strip your skin of all its natural oils and hydration. If you are using the body wash once a day, it is a good idea to also use a hydrating body lotion once you get out of the shower to ensure that your skin stays hydrated and smooth.

The bottom line is that regardless of whether it is antibacterial or not, you need to be using some form of soap to wash and cleanse your body daily to ensure that you maintain a good standard of hygiene and are looking after your health properly.

You might be thinking that if you can use your antibacterial body wash on your body acne, surely you can use it on your facial acne as well. While this sounds like a sensible idea in theory, it is not a smart idea in reality. Unless the body wash specifically states that it can be used on both face and body, it is not a good idea to put any product on your face unless it has been specifically designed for this area.

This is because the skin on our face is significantly more delicate and prone to damage and irritation compared to the skin on the rest of the body. Facial products are made separately from body products for a reason, as often the ingredients you’ll find in a body product will be much too harsh for the skin on your face. There are many antibacterial face washes on the market, so hold fire on using your body wash on your face and instead investigate buying something that is specifically designed for your delicate skin.

Sometimes children can get extra grubby if they’ve been spending a lot of time outside playing. When this happens, it is a good idea to give them a deep clean, as who knows what bacteria they have been exposed to? You can use an antibacterial body wash on your children's skin, however, there are a few things to take into account. Make sure you are using a product that has a gentle formula, as children's skin can be quite delicate and prone to irritation. Try finding a natural product that uses plant-based antimicrobial ingredients, as this way you can be confident you’re not exposing your children to anything that could harm their skin.

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