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How RingCentral Helped 3 UK Businesses Transform their Comms

Apr 27, 2023

Three real-life examples of how RingCentral helped UK businesses transform their communications and achieve their goals

Last Edited: April 13, 2023

Tom Wright

Managing Editor

Communication is the key to success for any business, especially in the digital age of hybrid work. Whether connecting with customers, collaborating with colleagues, or managing remote teams, having a reliable and flexible communication system is essential.

RingCentral offers a unified platform that combines voice, video, messaging, and contact centre capabilities, all accessible from any device and location – as well as integrations with other platforms crucial in business workflows.

Here are three real-life examples of how RingCentral helped UK businesses transform their communications and achieve their goals.

PHMG is a global leader in audio branding, founded in 1998, and provides bespoke on-hold and in-store music and messaging services to 40,000 clients worldwide. With offices in Manchester, London, Chicago, and Toronto, PHMG needed a communication system that could support its international expansion and a remote workforce of more than 650 employees.

Chris Berisford, Finance Director at PHMG, said he realised it was time for a change when he saw the firm's clients move their own platforms to the cloud.

"We have clients in dozens of countries and staff worldwide," he explained.

"Before RingCentral, telephony was an obstacle to our expansion. Now that we have a global cloud phone solution, we have a strategic advantage both today, being able to connect with clients anywhere easily, and for the future, because RingCentral makes it easy to spin up communications in any part of the world, we enter."

RingCentral enabled PHMG to unify its communications across four continents with a single phone system that could handle 300,000 client calls per month. RingCentral also provided PHMG with advanced features, such as call recording, analytics, and IVR, to improve customer service and quality assurance.

"With RingCentral, our Customer Care managers now have an intuitive admin dashboard they can use to set up call flows and call queues exactly how they want—and easily make adjustments when needed to continually deliver a better experience for callers," Berisford added.

Additionally, RingCentral helped PHMG empower its remote workers with video conferencing and team messaging tools, allowing them to stay connected and productive from anywhere.

Thanet District Council is a local authority that serves over 140,000 residents in the coastal region of Kent. The council faced several challenges with its legacy communication system, such as high maintenance costs, poor call quality, and limited functionality. The council also needed to adapt to the changing needs of its 500 employees and customers, who increasingly demanded more flexibility and convenience.

"The old phone system created all sorts of problems," Joe Brackenborough, Digital Transformation Manager at the council, said.

"Calls dropped; call quality was inconsistent, and making even small adjustments, such as shifting customer support staff from one call queue to another, required contacting the supplier and waiting for them to handle the request."

RingCentral helped Thanet District Council modernise its communication system by migrating to a cloud-based solution that improved reliability and enhanced user experience. Significantly, the migration has saved the council £30,000 a year.

RingCentral also enabled the council to offer more channels of communication to its customers, such as web chat, email, and social media, as well as self-service options, such as online payments and bookings. Furthermore, RingCentral helped the council support its staff with mobile and remote working capabilities, enabling them to work from any location and device.

The council has now gone one step further, integrating RingCentral's platform with Okta for account setup, provisioning and single sign-on.

Founded in 1936, Howard Kennedy is a London-based law firm that provides legal services to clients across various sectors, such as real estate, corporate, and private wealth. The firm was looking for a communication system that could support its growth and innovation strategy and meet the high expectations of its clients and staff.

"When we thought through all of our telephony expenses… maintaining the on-prem system, SIP trunks, backup service, plus separate services for fax and conferencing… we saw that RingCentral would be highly cost-effective," Jonathan Freedman, Chief Information Security & Technology Officer at Howard Kennedy, said.

RingCentral helped Howard Kennedy improve its client service by ditching a two-decade-old phone system and enabling seamless collaboration and communication for its 400 employees across multiple offices and departments. The integration of RingCentral's Cloud PBX into the law firm's existing Microsoft Teams environment boosted staff engagement and satisfaction by allowing them to work flexibly and securely from any location on any device.

Looking forward, Howard Kennedy plans to extend its digital transformation into the meeting spaces and has just started implementing RingCentral Rooms.

These are just some examples of how RingCentral helped global businesses of all sizes transform their communications and achieve their objectives.

To find out more about RingCentral and how it can benefit your business, visit RingCentral.

Chris Berisford, Finance Director at PHMG Joe Brackenborough, Digital Transformation Manager at the council Jonathan Freedman, Chief Information Security & Technology Officer at Howard Kennedy