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🇮🇱 Israel: "Deja Vu" Noa Kirel's Other Potential Eurovision Entry

Jan 04, 2024

New details regarding Noa Kirel's other potential song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 have been released.

Two songs were in the running to represent Israel at the 67th Eurovision Song Contest, with Noa choosing "Unicorn" over the other song, in the end. has revealed that Noa's other song is called "Deja Vu", which was written by Jordi, Ron Beaton and Itay Shimoni. Two versions of "Deja Vu" were recorded – one in Hebrew and one in English.

The Hebrew version of "Deja Vu" was planned to be Noa Kirel's next single, however, Noa is working with Ron Beaton on a different single in honour of Pride Month. "Deja Vu" is expected to be released during July.

The music video for "Deja Vu" will be directed by Roman Buchatsky, who has previously directed the music videos for "Diamonds", "Bell" and "Thought About That". It has also been revealed that Noa Karel will perform at Yarkon Park in front of an audience of 30,000 people. The performance is scheduled for September 21st, later this year.

Noa Kirel represented Israel at the 67th Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Unicorn". Israel performed 9th in Semi-Final One, where Noa Kirel qualified, coming 3rd overall in the Semi-Final with 127 televoting points. She then went on to perform 23rd in the Grand Final, where she placed 3rd overall in the contest with 362 total points. Noa received 185 points from the public and 177 points from the juries.

Noa Kirel was born Noya Kirel on April 10 2001 in Ra’anana in central Israel. Noa first came to public attention while appearing on Pushers in 2015, a documentary series about parents supporting their children achieving success in different areas. Later that year, she released her debut single "Medabrim", which was success.

Noa was chosen to represent Israel at Eurovision 2023 after being selected by a special committee consisting of members of the board of IPBC, IPBC music editors and external members. The song was later revealed during a special broadcast called HaShir Shelanu L’Eurovizion.

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Israel debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1973, and was represented by Ilanit who finished in 4th place with the song "Ey Sham". Their first victory came in 1978 with Izhar Cohen and the Alphabeta. Israel won again the following year with Gali Atari & Milk and Honey. Israel's third victory came in 1998 when Dana International performed "Diva" in Birmingham, beating Malta to victory in a tense voting sequence. Israel struggled in the contest during the early-2010s, failing to qualify for the final from 2011-2014. However, since 2015 Israel has seen its fortunes turned around, qualifying every year except 2022. In 2018 Netta won the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Toy". The song has gone on to be one of the most viewed Eurovision entries of all time on YouTube.

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