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Organic shapes for the new handle designed by Federica Biasi for Valli

Apr 16, 2023

"Throughout the years, an infinite number of handles have been designed, so I tried to avoid researching what is already there and tried to research in other ways, in my own way." This is how Federica Biasi, designer and art director from Milan, explains her design created for Valli, a design with which the company inaugurates its new brand identity in collaboration with the creative studio Lefloft.

The H 385 handle is part of the Fusital premium collection, which gathers designs by international studies. "First of all, I did research on ergonomics, trying to design the most suitable shape for the function of the object, and I found it by drawing inspiration from nature, its branches, and the organicity of its shapes, which is never regular but always harmonious and balanced. To me, nature is always the best way to research aesthetics and proportions; I also studied the relationship between the object and the hand and its gestures when opening. Having the movement in mind is fundamental," explains Biasi, emphasizing how the H 385 handle celebrates the shape of a branch in its essentiality.

The design of the handle is minimal, ergonomic, and at the same time sinuous. "The H 385 stands out for its soft lines, its organic section, its irregular shape, and its accents and details that characterize its ergonomics," continues Biasi. "As with many other projects I designed, this is not an element that aims at being noticed at all costs within a certain space, but the opposite, it is designed to complement its surroundings in a balanced way, to be elegantly placed without losing character. I believe in quiet design, which is not absent, but a silent guest, not necessarily because it has nothing to say, but because it is in meditation and union with its surrounding."

H 385 is made in Zamax and is available in different variations, such as door handle, window handle, and pull handle, and different finishes, Polished chrome, Satin chrome, Matt black, and Satin black nickel. The Matt black and Satin black nickel finishes also have a Biocote® silver ion treatment, which ensures a long-lasting antimicrobial protection. The handle has been designed to adapt to different living environments, as Biasi points out: "The best designs are those that are timeless while remaining contemporary; I designed it without focusing on the historical moment I am living in but thinking about what I wanted to design and how I wanted to do it. Often, especially in the time period we live in, it is very important not to be influenced by the specific moment and design with your own distinctive sign."