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We Tried Amazon's Dust Mop Slippers With Squeaky Clean Results

Mar 27, 2023

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Velcroed mopping slippers are nothing new. With patent results dating back to 2000, this product has been reimagined time and again with similar silhouettes and features. The reasonably priced LEPUTA mopping slippers from Amazon are a great example of a modern cleaning shoe that offers a comfortable fit with a detachable microfiber pad that mops and dusts a variety of surfaces.

According to the product listing, these microfiber slippers are made to wipe away hair, dirt, and water without needing to bend down. They are allegedly safe on any smooth surface and machine washable. At the time of publication, the shoes have 4.4 stars from 438 ratings. Reviews indicate that the microfiber slippers are game-changing for most cleaning routines. They are particularly praised for being easy to slip on before mopping so that you don't have to worry about shoe prints or wet socks directly after cleaning your floors. Online, you can choose from five different colors and two styles. We chose the "Rose Pink a" option which is a dark pink, classic, toe-covering slipper. We wanted to put this seemingly gimmicky product to the test to see if it's really worth using around the house.

The non-slip microfiber mopping slippers are available in blue, brown, pink, and rose pink. The primary style features a thick strap to slide your foot beneath, while the secondary style (the one we chose) is only sold in rose pink. Depending on your option, the slippers cost between $13 and $14 on Amazon. Currently, they are available in two sizes. First is the 7.5, which fits women's sizes 7.5 to 10 and men's sizes 6 to 8; second is the 8.5, which fits men's sizes 8.5 to 10.

To ensure these mopping slippers are good quality, we wanted to test a variety of things to see if they were worth what they cost. We chose to analyze their quality, comfort, durability, and absorbency. Thankfully, we were in the midst of cleaning out our previous apartment, so we had lots of flooring that needed mopping. Our checklist for testing included three steps. First, find out how much water the shoes can absorb. Second, mopping an 8-foot by 8-foot space. And, third, throwing them in the washing machine to see how they hold up.

Just before testing out the LEPUTA slippers, we took a look at how they were constructed. The fabric feels thick, and they're cute for wearing around the house. Despite some concerning reviews on Amazon that said they were much too big and wide, they fit our feet just fine. Our only hang-up is that the sole could be better quality. It feels like cardboard and has no support. Still, the microfiber pad underneath does offer some cushion when attached.

To find out how much water the slippers could absorb, we slowly poured water on the floor, bit by bit, and mopped it up with our feet. We started with 16 ounces of water, and by the time we reached the 8 ounce mark, the slippers pushed around the water instead of soaking it up. Then, to prepare for our next test, we threw them in the dryer for about 10 minutes. Then, we inspected the shoes for shrinkage, but they looked just the same. Finally, it was time to actually mop with the slippers. We measured a space out in the living room and did a dry run to sweep. Dust came up easily, but we had to bend down to pick up larger debris. We knocked the slippers together outside and got ready to mop. Using a spray bottle filled with a diluted cleaning solution, we sprayed down the area and began to scoot around, resulting in squeaky clean floors!

The LEPUTA microfiber mopping slippers were worth it for us. A versatile product, the shoes have come in handy for mopping up small spills, dusting neglected corners, cleaning our floors, keeping up with pet hair, and avoiding footprints on freshly mopped surfaces. Though the product does seem a bit gimmicky at first, this is an invention that many have come to love. It soaks up quite a bit of liquid and easily cleans floors with the help of a spray bottle.

Once our cleaning tests were over, it was time to do something a little frightening: washing the slippers in the machine. We worried that they would fall apart. But no! They came out looking better than how they went in and showed no signs of damage. Though you can wash the slippers whole, we do recommend using the velcro feature and only washing the microfiber mopping soles. Likely, this will help them look better for longer, and you can still wear the slippers around the house while you wash the mops. For all of these reasons, we would recommend the microfiber mopping shoes to any person and household looking to revamp their cleaning routine (and shoe collection).