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Wholesale Refined Glycerin 99.7% Glycerin 56-81-5 Food Grade/USP Grade

Wholesale Refined Glycerin 99.7% Glycerin 56-81-5 Food Grade/USP Grade

Overview Product Description Basic Info. Refined Glycerine 99.5% Glycerinum CAS 200-289-5 Product Description Prodution ;
Basic Info
Hydroxyl No. Monohydroxy
Transport Package 160kg/Iron Drum
Specification 160kg/iron drum, 80drums/20fcl
Trademark Qingdao hiseachem
Origin Shandong
HS Code 2712200000
Production Capacity 3000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons Per Month
Product Description

Basic Info.

Model NO.glycerineHydroxyl No.Monohydroxy
Grade StandardFood/Medical
Boiling Point98.3°c at 760 MmhgTransport Package250kg/Drum
HS Code

Refined Glycerine 99.5% Glycerinum CAS 200-289-5

Product Description

Prodution Description of Glycerin 99.5%:

Glycerin known as glucerine, pure glycerol is a colorless, odorless, viscous liquid with a sweet taste. Boiling point of 290 ºC, melting point 17.9 ºC, relative density of 1.2613. Infinitely miscible with water, dried over anhydrous glucerine has a strong water absorption.

Product Name: Glycerin
Chemical Name: Glycerol
Molecular Formula: C3H6O3

Characters: colorless, odorless, transparent, viscous liquid, sweet, moisture absorption, flammability, low toxicity

2.Specification of Glycerin 99.5%:


Specified Range

Typical values

Relative density 20 /20°C2

ISO 2099 (Part 2) : 1972

1.2623 min


Refractive index n20D2

APAG-GL-006 : 1988

1.4731 min


Glycerine content %1

APAG-GL-009 : 1988

99.5 min


Colour APHA1

ASTM D1209 : 1993

10 max


Fatty acids & esters 1

(ml 0.5N NaOH/50g)

USP XXllI : 1995

1.0 max


Sulphated ash %2

USP XXllI : 1995

0.01 max


Chlorides ppm Cl2

USP XXllI : 1995

10 max

< 10

Heavy metals ppm Pb2

USP XXlIl (Mtd 1) : 1995

5 max

< 5

Chlorinated compounds ppm Cl2

USP XXllI : 1995

30 max

< 30

Arsenic ppm2

USP XXllI : 1995

1.5 max

< 1.5

Sulphate ppm2

USP XXllI : 1995

20 max

< 20

3.Application of Glycerin 99.5%:

1) In medicine, it is used to making various preparations, solvent, hygroscopic agent, antifreeze and sweeteners, preparation for external use ointment or suppository, with glycerol nitroglycerin used for explosive materials.

2) In the coatings industry, it is used for making all kinds of alkyd resin and polyester resin, epoxy resin and glycidyl ether.

3) In textile and printing industry, it is used for preparing wetting agent hygroscopic agent, fabric anti-creasing shrink proof treatment agent, dispersant and penetrating agent.

4) In the food industry , it is used as sweetener, tobacco hygroscopic agent and solvent

5) In addition, in the paper, cosmetics, leather, photography, printing, metal processing rubber and other industries widely application

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging and Shipping:

250KG net drum ,IBC drum or according to your requirements.

Glycerine crude Glycerin Solution Refined Glycerine 99.5% USP Grade glycerinum


in 10 working days after received the deposit.

160kg drum,800kg drum ,Tank
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