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15 Best Organic Condoms

Jun 24, 2023

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Cause who says you can't get down with your bad self and protect Mama Earth?

You might shop for organic fruits and veggies at the grocery store; you may even opt for clean, natural beauty products when shopping for skincare. And now, you can bring that green thumb into the bedroom with organic condoms... well, kinda.

Here's the truth: the "organic" label is, well, tricky. What makes a product organic or "natural" is open to debate. And as there's no organic governing body in existence that certifies condoms, currently there's no such thing as an "organic" condom. Yet, you can still opt for a rubber that's better for you and the environment by choosing products that are vegan, fair trade-certified, and free of harmful chemicals such as parabens and nitrosamines.

Check out these top vegan condom options:

Traditionally, casein, a protein derived from milk, has been utilized in condom manufacturing to make condoms smoother, explains gynecologist Alyssa Dweck, MD. For someone looking for a vegan option, they might choose a condom made from natural latex and cornstarch in place of casein, she says. Latex comes from rubber trees and plants, making it an all-natural alternative.

Meet the experts: Alyssa Dweck, MD, FACOG, is a practicing gynecologist in New York and co-author of three books, including The Complete A to Z for Your V: A Women's Guide to Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Vagina.Jason Panda is the owner and founder of b condoms.

In addition to being vegan, casein-free condoms are also better for the environment (as they don't rely on animals for production) and for those with certain allergens. In fact, what some consumers consider a latex allergy may actually be a reaction to casein or other additives that can react poorly with people's skin, says Jason Panda, owner and founder of b condoms.

Plus, "most reputable [vegan] brands are as effective in the prevention of pregnancy, STIs, and HIV as conventional condoms," explains Dweck. The key is whether or not the product is FDA-approved, she says.

Looking for an eco-friendly condom option? Ahead, the 15 best expert-approved vegan condoms, so you can make your safer sex practices even safer.

Made from 100-percent natural latex, these ultra-thin, fragrance-free condoms are a fan favorite. Oh, and did I mention they're FDA-cleared and electronically triple-tested for safety, making them a super safe bet. (BRB, adding to cart now.)

Rave Review: "Everything they say about this condom is true! There is no smell—the lube doesn't smell and works great—they fit perfectly—they are thin and enjoyable by both my wife and I—[and] the packaging is sleek and well designed."

A few reasons why you should add these condoms to your cart: They're odorless, lubricated, pH-friendly, and plus, you'll be supporting the first and only Black-owned condom company in the United States. (Win, win, and win!)

What's more? b condoms is a social impact company that partners with nonprofits, including Planned Parenthood, across the country "to reduce the spread of STDs, including HIV and AIDS, primarily in Black and underserved communities," says Panda.

Rave Review: "I thought I had a latex allergy, but these condoms do not irritate me. They do not have the casein, glycerin or any of the toxins that are found in the bigger brands. Give them a try, and you'll love them!"

These ultra-thin condoms are a best-seller for a reason. They feel like you're almost wearing nothing without compromising the integrity of the condom. Plus, they're casein-free and lightly lubricated with a non-toxic formula for a comfortable, slick product that won't irritate you or your partner.

Rave Review: "So far out of all the condoms I have tried this one seems to work great for my girl down there. I no longer get irritated, infections, or rubber burn."

These 100-percent natural vegan latex condoms deserve a spot in your nightstand because a) they're ultra-thin, giving them a natural feel, and b) the silicone lubricant means you can have hour-long sessions with zero problems. Plus, the no-tear wrappers these rubbers come in are recyclable, making them a friend to your vagina and Mama Earth!

Rave Review: "My partner and I were on the hunt for some non-smelly, barely there condoms because we were tired of the old school store brands. We tried three others and the Lovability condoms were immediately better than the others."

These gynecologist-approved condoms are made with low-odor natural rubber latex and medical-grade silicone lube for a comfortable, slick fit. What's more? They're gluten-free! Plus, can we talk about the sleek, stylish packaging design?

Rave Review: "Other brands have made me go in and out of gyno appointments. Been using these now for over a year and they have been amazing. No irritations of pH imbalance or UTIs. It [has a] perfect amount of lube, doesn't smell strange and my partner has enjoyed them as well."

These premium condoms are casein-free, odorless, and 35-percent thinner than the brand's original condoms. Plus, the anti-slip reservoir tip ensures you won't have to worry about the condom sliding off mid-climax.

Rave Review: "Super thin condoms, feels like nothing is there. They’re very comfortable and my partner thinks so too! Perfect for me since I have sensitive skin. They are less slimy and don't smell weird like other condoms do."

For those with a latex allergy, SKYN's vegan condoms are the best option for you. Made from a synthetic polyisoprene material, these ultra-thin, lubricated rubbers provide a soft, barely-nothing-there fit for a comfortable, oh-so-satisfying experience.

Rave Review: "These ultra-thin, lubricated condoms are like the superheroes of the condom world. They're sleek, powerful, and will protect you from any unwanted surprises. Plus, they're so thin, you'll forget you're even wearing them."

These award-winning condoms are touted for their design quality and innovation. Composed out of 350 (!!) tiny hexagons, these super thin condoms are inspired by the hexagonal structure of a graphene, a.k.a "the strongest, thinnest structure known to science." Not only does their unique structure make these rubbers durable AF, but the hexagonal cells also add texture, reducing slippage and improving grip.

Rave Review: "Best condoms ever! The wife loves how thin they are. The lube is just enough. Extremely durable! I promise you won't be disappointed."

Not only are these 100-percent vegan, clear, and odorless, but P.S.'s latex condoms also claim to be 40 percent (!!) thinner than their competitors. Talk about feeling like you got nothing on, amirite?

Rave Review: "I was happily surprised to find the advertising is true! Super thin and does not smell weird! Will 100% buy again!"

With three different sizes and textures, Hello Cake has a condom option for every size and preference. In addition to being made with 100-percent natural latex, these condoms are anti-slip and thinner than most other condom brands for ultra sensitivity. Pro tip: For anal play, try out the ribbed or dotted options.

Rave Review: "Great condoms! They’re nice and thin which makes for optimal sensation, and they don't leave much if any gross residue or smell behind. I’ve used quite a few condoms and I keep coming back to these for motion, material, and optimal sensation and functionality for the price point."

Not only are these condoms made out of 100-percent natural rubber latex and are extra-lubricated, but they're also biodegradable! Yep, you read that right: You can feel better knowing this condom won't end up sitting in a landfill somewhere. Plus, it's FDA-approved, so you know it's legit.

Rave Review: "These condoms are so cute! I love the packaging and feel confident to carry them with me. My partner and I were both really pleased with how they felt for us, and we’ll definitely be using them again."

HANX condoms are sustainably sourced and designed by a gynecologist, so you know they don't include any harmful chemicals that may throw off your natural pH or cause UTIs. These are sure to make both your vag and your partner happy (win-win!).

Rave Review: "Comfortable, and so much more feeling than with the regular product."

When it comes to ONE's condom catalogue, there's no shortage of options. From Super Studs and Glowing Pleasures to Tattoo Touch and FlavorWaves, this variety pack really allows you to choose your own adventure. Like any great journey, you might not know where you'll end up, but you're almost guaranteed to have a good time!

Rave Review: "I certainly enjoy a little variety in the bedroom and the Mixed Pleasures does not disappoint. My partner and I like to play condom roulette, you never know what you’re going to get! It's fun, exciting, and I’m always pleased with all the styles available in this pack."

XO! Condoms are the condoms that give back. Not only are these fair-trade, cruelty-free rubbers sustainably harvested from rubber trees through the Regenerative Rubber Initiative, but 5 percent of every box purchased goes towards supporting a UN sustainable development goal. Meaning, you're not only helping yourself but the planet, too!

Rave Review: "I’m always a bit wary of thin condoms but these are really good. They feel like nothing is being worn for both my partner and myself. They’re a good price and no worry about splitting even though they’re thin. We’d definitely use them again."

Touting themselves as "America's Original Thin Condom," these vegan rubbers have been keeping its users safe and satisfied for over 30 years (!!). With just 0.45mm between you and your partner, these condoms truly deserve the Barely There trademark. I mean, with that level of thinness, you're sure to feel every. single. sensation.

Rave Review: "Partner said it felt like he wasn't wearing a condom. Highly recommend!"

Naydeline Mejia is an assistant editor at Women's Health, where she covers sex, relationships, and lifestyle for and the print magazine. She is a proud graduate of Baruch College and has more than two years of experience writing and editing lifestyle content. When she's not writing, you can find her thrift-shopping, binge-watching whatever reality dating show is trending at the moment, and spending countless hours scrolling through Pinterest.

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