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Price control on selected food items during Ramadhan, first week of Syawal

Jan 20, 2024

Lyna Mohamad

The Department of Economic Planning and Statistics (JPES) of the Ministry of Finance and Economy in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture and Agrifood of the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism (MPRT) will implement the maximum seasonal price setting (PHMB) on selected food items throughout the month of Ramadhan until the first week of Syawal.

The PHMB serves to control the price of some selected food items, especially high demand food during the festive season.

This initiative aims to help residents in covering their daily expenses.

It is also an effort by the government to reduce the impact of the increase in global food prices.

Some 99 products of various popular brands will be part of the PHMB and the full list can be accessed through the PenggunaBijak mobile application or downloaded from the JPES official website.

The initiative is an additional price control effort for basic foods that is currently implemented on cooking oil, infant formula milk, powder, rice (fragrant, Siam and glutinous) and sugar.

In accordance with the Order of the Price Control Act (Amendment) 2021 business operators, supermarkets and retail stores that do not comply with the PHMB will be penalised under Section 10B, Price Control Act.

Under Chapter 142 of the Act, the compound fine is no more than BND1,000 for the first offence. However, subsequent offences may lead to fine of BND20,000 and a five-year imprisonment.

Queries on the PHMB can be filed through Darussalam Line 123 or the PenggunaBijak application.