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Sanosan India's Mother's Day Campaign

Dec 02, 2023

18th May 2023 Mumbai, India: Sanosan, a leading baby care brand made in Germany, has launched a special Mother's Day campaign to connect with mothers and celebrate the special bond between a mother and her child. The campaign aims to communicate that every day is Mother's Day and Sanosan salutes all the mothers in the world.

Sanosan Baby care products are trusted by parents worldwide for their gentle cleaning and care of sensitive skin. The brand's products are formulated with natural ingredients such as organic olive oil and milk proteins, known for their protective and soothing properties. Every Sanosan product contains combinations of substances developed especially for pregnant women and babies to help achieve healthy skin. The products have been clinically tested and produced in Germany with a high level of diligence and responsibility, subjected to strict quality control.

"Our brand believes in the mother's touch concept, and every Sanosan product gives a mother's touch feeling to its babies," said Rajendra Mehta, Glowderma Director – Sales & Marketing. "Through this campaign, we want to show our gratitude to all the mothers and make them feel very special. Our goal is to connect with mothers emotionally and remind them that they are appreciated every day."

To bring this campaign to life, Sanosan India collaborated with three of the top Mother influencers of the country. These influencers shared their experiences and emotions, which resonate with every mother across the country. Through them, Sanosan India aimed to connect directly with the mothers of the country.

Sanosan India's uinqe Mother's Day Campaign has touched the hearts of thousands of mothers across India, who feel appreciated and valued. This campaign is a reflection of Sanosan India's commitment to the well-being of babies and mothers, and their continuous effort to provide them with the best care.

"Sanosan India believes in creating products that give a mother's touch to her baby. We want to convey this message to every mother out there and show our appreciation for their unwavering love and care," added Rajendra Mehta.

Considering that the little baby's skin is so soft and delicate, it's only natural that the mothers look for the safest and gentlest baby care products like Sanosan Baby Bath and Shampoo, Sanosan Baby Care Lotion, Sanosan Baby Care Cream and Sanosan Baby Care Soap, among others. All these exclusive products preferred by Indian mothers are developed by Sanosan's own research and development laboratories in Germany, hand-in-hand with dermatologists, and these products are clinically tested there too.

Apart from the organic Olive Oil, the most exciting ingredient that sets Sanosan baby products apart from many others is its use of natural milk protein in each and every baby product. Gentle for baby's delicate skin, natural milk protein forms a protective layer, reduces moisture loss and provides a 24-hour moisturising effect.

Moreover, Sanosan's products are strictly free from harmful chemicals like silicones, paraffins, SLS/SLEs or Phenoxyethanol, giving the mamas complete peace of mind. In addition to Sanosan products being natural, all formulas are also completely biodegradable so they are better for the environment.

Available in more than 70 countries across the globe, Sanosan is a renowned brand from 70 years old company – Mann & Schroder Cosmetics (M&S Cosmetics) – Germany. Established in 1951, ‘M&S cosmetics’ manufactures supreme quality products. It manufactures more than 2000 different products in different categories. M&S – Germany is the family-owned company in the 3rd generation with high ethics & values.

said Rajendra Mehta, Glowderma Director – Sales & Marketing Rajendra Mehta