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Jan 02, 2024

Our Material Protection Products business unit offers active ingredients, preservatives and disinfectants. They protect materials and substances against spoilage by microorganisms such as bacteria, yeasts, moulds, viruses and algae.

The products are used in many industries and applications, such as

Our business unit in numbers

Our KathonTM products are proven preservatives. Water-based products provide the perfect breeding ground for microorganisms that can damage the material. This leads to an impairment of the product properties, such as unpleasant odors or a shortened product life. In the worst case, microorganisms can lead to damage to the health of end users.

Preservatives help to ensure that consumer products such as

are free of microbial contamination such as mold or bacteria.

KathonTM products are also an integral part of plant hygiene to combat contamination during production. Areas of application in industry include

Nagardo® is a natural preservative and protects beverages from microorganisms that could have a negative effect on the product quality and thus the consumer. Nagardo® is a pure mixture of natural glycolipids that are obtained by an edible mushroom.

The combination of natural product and high efficacy helps beverage manufacturers to meet the growing demands of consumers when it comes to clean and green labels. It also expands the existing preservation toolbox with a highly effective new tool.

Nagardo® has a wide range of applications and can currently be found in carbonated and still soft drinks, ready-to-drink teas, juices and non-alcoholic beer.

Safety enabled by nature.

Our NeoloneTM products help you to protect your personal care products from microbial contamination. NEOLONE™ is suitable for a range of cosmetic applications. With a broad portfolio of preservatives and extensive application expertise, we help protect your personal care products from unwanted bacteria, yeasts and molds while offering ease of formulation. We offer a range of solutions to preserve rinse-off and leave-on products, allowing you to address consumer and regulatory expectations for safe, high quality, effective products. Finding natural and efficacious preservatives remain one of the great challenges of the personal care industry. For instance our product NEOLONE™ Bio offers a range of naturally derived personal care preservatives based on Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate HCl (LAE®). Ethyl Lauroyl Arginate HCl is an effective preservative derived from natural ingredients, such as sugar beet, and corn, and can be used for both cosmetic leave-on and rinse-off products. NEOLONETM Bio meets ISO 16128 definition of a naturally derived ingredient and is COSMOS raw material approved.

Oxone™: our powerful and fast reacting oxidizing agent is used in a wide variety of industrial and consumer applications such as disinfection, pulp & paper, electronics and water treatment. For example in pools and spas, where it cleans the water and reduces the use of chlorine. Oxone™ makes the water sparkling clear, avoids eye- and skin irritation and is free of chlorine smells.

Under the Preventol® brand name, we sell active ingredients and finished formulations for Paints & Coatings, Wood Protection, Construction Products, Water Treatment and Disinfection among other things. One example is the preservation of paints: Preventol® protects paints from taking on bad odors or discoloration caused by bacteria. This extends the life of the product and maintains its functionality, for example the spreadability of the paint.

Velcorin® is used as a cold sterilization agent in the beverage industry. It deactivates microorganisms such as yeast, mold or bacteria that can enter the beverage during the filling process. Velcorin® does not affect the taste, smell or color of the beverage.

Virkon™ "the science to kill pathogens" is the umbrella brand for a portfolio of modern, scientifically formulated disinfectant solutions that kill disease-causing organisms that affect poultry, livestock and aquaculture production.

The portfolio of Virkon™ disinfectant solutions have been independently proven effective against a broad spectrum of viruses, bacteria and fungi such as African Swine Fever, Campylobacter and Aspergillosis, and are considered an essential element of an effective farm disease prevention and control biosecurity program.

Rely+On™ Virkon™ broad spectrum virucidal disinfectant has been developed specifically for use in the Human Health market sector and, as such, has been tested and proven effective against a wide range of disease-causing pathogens of specific concern to human health including Influenza, Hepatitis, Norovirus and Coronavirus. It is used for the disinfection and decontamination of hard surfaces, floors, walls, doors and door handles, furniture, cabinets, centrifuges and pipette discard jars etc. in:

We see ourselves as a service provider who offers customers an individual and flexible range of solutions and services at the highest quality level.

Biocides or biocide-containing products may only be sold in many countries if they have been registered and approved beforehand in a complex procedure with the competent authority. We have obtained the necessary local registrations and approvals for our products and their ingredients. We ensure that necessary approval processes for new products are initiated in good time. Our experts evaluate toxicology, efficacy and data records for protecting the environment. They carry out risk assessments and prepare dossiers for submission to the regulatory authorities. We can therefore draw on extensive toxicological and ecotoxicological studies for our products.

In addition, our technical experts assist in the selection of suitable biocides, prepare dosage and formulation recommendations and carry out compatibility and stability tests. We have a wide range of other analytical techniques at our disposal - depending on the area of application. In our microbiological laboratories, we identify microorganisms and carry out extensive microbiological tests in accordance with international and industry standards.


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Senior Manager Strategy & Integration

Safety enabled by nature.